Application Development

    Flexibility to Match Your Organization

    GreenPages can work as an extension of your existing application development team or directly with business unit leaders if you don’t have the necessary internal technical resources. We help client application development teams who need additional expertise to bring a specific project to fruition or to help a project that has “gone sideways” get back on track. Whether you prefer to work on a fixed price basis, time and material, or a combination of both, we can tailor our statements of work to match the unique needs of each organization and ensure fast time to market.

    Technically Responsible Application Development

    GreenPages ensures all client projects are completed in a technically responsible manner. Our methodology maturity means we don’t just deliver agile, working applications, we deliver applications that are appropriately documented and that can be extended and modified as future needs dictate. We also ensure that applications can run across multiple and disparate devices—a major challenge of modern application development projects.

    GreenPages’ Application Development Expertise Includes:

    • .NET
    • LAMP
    • Spring framework
    • SharePoint
    • FileMaker
    • Groovy
    • Ruby