Big Data

    GreenPages has deep project experience centered around open source and Microsoft technologies, in particular SQL-based databases as well as more complex, large-scale storage solutions such as Apache Hadoop. As in our Application Development and DevOps projects, we work within the unique parameters and needs of each client to develop an architectural framework for structured and unstructured data that clients can leverage to answer pressing business questions.

    A Guide to Successful Big Data Adoption

    Randy Weis, Practice Manager, Information Infrastructure

    Randy Weis talks about the impact big data is having on organizations and provides an outline for the correct approach companies should be taking in regards to big data analytics.

    There are a wide range of database choices and technology considerations for optimally storing and querying data. GreenPages helps clients choose the right database for their business to improve operations and make more informed business decisions. Our Big Data technologists work closely with our Professional Services group, providing clients with a multidisciplinary team well-versed in information storage, compute, virtualization, and network technologies. This enables us to holistically solve client challenges for multiple use cases.

    GreenPages’ Big Data Expertise Includes:

    • Apache Hadoop
    • Power BI for MS 365
    • SQL Server Reporting Services
    • SQL Server Analysis Services