Modern DevOps requires deep technical experience and acute business knowledge to handle the network intricacies and back-end automation necessary for applications to successfully run in modern IT environments. Sometimes organizations may just be focused on getting a first release application out as fast as possible to satisfy users. Over time however, that application may not be sustainable. GreenPages’ DevOps experts focus on controlling and documenting source code and ensuring that every successive release of the application will be sustainable.

    When companies want to make modifications or add features to applications, it’s crucial to make sure that any changes made, first have the desired effect, and second that the overall system isn’t degraded in any way. GreenPages’ DevOps engineers make sure that all application changes are able to be measured and managed across multiple environments: testing, staging, and production.

    Building applications for the cloud isn’t easier or harder than creating traditional applications, it’s just different. We can engineer brand new applications to run on premise, but in such a way that they are cloud optimized on Day 1. GreenPages takes into consideration client budget, risk profile, security mandates, and application features and can recommend which public cloud would be the best fit for your organization.

    GreenPages’ DevOps Expertise Includes:

    • Puppet
    • Chef
    • MS Visual Studio
    • VMware vCenter Operations