Data Center Rapid Deployment

    Organizations facing divestitures or M&A events face considerable, time-sensitive challenges—and opportunities—around providing the systems and technology crucial to running the overall business. These events require rapid deployment of data center resources (compute, storage, applications, capacity, bandwidth, etc.) as well as strong IT management control and visibility into systems and performance. GreenPages helps companies strategically decouple and stand up data centers rapidly so users and customers get access to the systems and technology they need—quickly and seamlessly.

    GreenPages helps The Channel Company Build and Manage an All-Cloud Environment

    Robert Faletra, CEO, The Channel Company

    When The Channel Company split from its parent company in September 2013, they had to separate themselves from a vast amount of shared infrastructure and had to do so under the weight of looming deadlines dictated by the buyout agreement.

    Data Center Rapid Deployment: Building a Data Center in the Cloud

    A major benefit of moving a data center into a cloud environment is that infrastructure and applications are scalable—you only use what you need—no more or less, saving costs on owning physical assets as well as over provisioning “just in case” you need extra capacity.

    But there are myriad factors to consider when moving from a physical data center to a cloud-based data center.

    Most important is whether your applications and business needs are well-suited to relocate from private IT environments to public.

    Start-up companies and organizations being divested from a parent company are afforded a unique opportunity to build a fully modern IT organization from scratch. Rather than continue using the same IT infrastructure or switching to new applications and systems one piece at a time, moving to a cloud environment can offer better options to leverage the latest technologies to build an optimal, modern, state-of-the-art IT environment.

    Data Center Rapid Deployment in-Depth: Anatomy of a Cloud Migration: Inside The Channel Company’s IT Transformation

    Learn how GreenPages helped The Channel Company with the daunting task of separating from its parent’s centralized IT infrastructure, under the weight of looming deadlines, while fundamentally rethinking its entire IT strategy from top to bottom.

    We had a unique opportunity. We were a startup that had an established business. But we didn’t want to buy new infrastructure and hire a large IT team to manage it. We had to move fast so we wanted to go with someone with whom we trusted. I knew that if we had issues, GreenPages would address them. And I knew there were going to be issues because moving our entire infrastructure to the cloud in just a few months, it’s not all going to be perfect. —Robert Faletra, CEO, The Channel Companies

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    Determining the right fit for the right cloud.

    GreenPages helps customers determine specific application requirements—from Tier 1 applications to non-critical applications—to ensure the best possible fit for cloud migration. Whether you leverage SaaS-based services or run your own applications in a public cloud, GreenPages helps ensure your users receive anytime, anywhere access to the systems they need. We also help you determine which applications might be better suited running on premise; cloud is not a one-size-fits-all “nirvana” proposition.