Data Management and Storage

    A well designed storage architecture lets companies consolidate, protect, manage, access, and recover stored data across hybrid cloud environments.

    Data management is a critical component of any business strategy as companies of all sizes and types struggle with data growth, data storage costs, data protection (through replication, snapshots or backups) and long-term data storage capacity to meet regulatory mandates or other business requirements.

    GreenPages’ data management consultants perform storage assessments to help organizations make intelligent and cost effective information management decisions—whether straightforward upgrades or forklift overhauls; multi-site database strategies; or multi-year plans to manage projected data growth.

    GreenPages recommends the most appropriate storage management approach to effectively support disparate data based on type, amount, and location and provides recommendations for optimization of your storage technologies across the entire data center stack.

    Storage Has Evolved – It Now Provides the Context & Management of Data

    Randy Weis, Practice Manager, Information Infrastructure

    Storage as a set of technologies for data centers has evolved to the point where you can now provide context and management of that data independently of the applications in the old infrastructure tools. What does this mean for organizations?

    GreenPages’ Data Management Capabilities Include:

    • Storage Virtualization
    • Software Defined Storage
    • Data Storage Management Strategies
    • Network Attached Storage (NAS)
    • Storage Area Networks (SAN)
    • Tiered Storage
    • Disaster Recovery & Backup
    • Capacity & Storage Optimization
    • Wide Area File Systems
    • Information Security