Network Infrastructure

    The modern network is no longer the simple cabling structure that connects equipment and transports data. Beyond LANs and WANs, today’s network is an intelligent, converged platform that drives data, applications, video, voice, and mobility; a network of networks that touches every aspect of business and that can make or break the user experience. GreenPages’ network infrastructure design services ensure client networks are built to withstand modern business demands.

    GreenPages Helps DDJ Capital Management Plan for the Future

    Christopher Varner, CTO, DDJ Capital Management

    DDJ Capital Management uses GreenPages to create a roadmap for its future around virtual desktops, network infrastructure, and more.

    Whether a virtualization, storage, disaster recovery, or VoIP telephony initiative—all rely on proper network configuration to function properly. That’s why GreenPages’ experts help clients carefully consider the network implications of any type of IT initiative before jumping in.

    GreenPages also offers advanced Managed IT Services to securely manage client network infrastructures, even triaging network issues behind the scenes so IT staffs are freed up to concentrate on more strategic initiatives. We also help clients optimize the technologies that already exist in their network environments.

    GreenPages Network Infrastructure Expertise at a Glance

    • Network Virtualization
    • Software Defined Networking
    • Network Infrastructure Design
    • Network Infrastructure Management
    • Routing & Switching
    • Bandwidth Acceleration & Optimization
    • LAN & WAN Design
    • Wireless Networking
    • Firewall Configuration & Implementation
    • Network Performance & Configuration Assessments