When virtualization first hit the market, it revolutionized the industry with technology that modernized legacy, customer-owned architectures, specifically by virtualizing the compute layer. This first wave has now slowed as the market has matured and the vast majority of x86 workloads have been virtualized. GreenPages was one of the first IT solution providers out in front of this first wave, helping thousands of clients reduce capital hardware expenses through server consolidation, lower operating expenses through automation, and minimize lost revenue by reducing both planned and unplanned downtime.

    Now GreenPages is helping clients harness the tremendous benefits of the second wave of virtualization: Networking, Storage, and the Software Defined Data Center.

    There is a new second wave beginning that is every bit as powerful and important as the first wave. New, advanced methods of virtualization and the continued abstraction of more complex components of traditional IT infrastructures: networking, storage, and ultimately entirely virtualized datacenters as we move to the world of the software defined datacenter (SDDC). GreenPages helps companies embrace the technologies driving this second wave to further increase business agility, achieve economies of scale, improve user freedom, and maintain IT management control.

    100% Virtualization—the Key to Harnessing the Benefits of Cloud Computing

    The driver behind cloud computing is the ability to access compute resources on demand without up-front capital expenditure. And as more companies adopt distributed applications capable of crossing compute boundaries, it’s crucial to have the systems, hardware, and management architecture in place to take advantage of the cloud.

    Virtualization—the key to unlocking cloud computing—is the most strategic IT initiative that organizations can undertake during this significant market transition. GreenPages helps clients design, implement, and manage 100% virtualized, cloud capable IT environments to seamlessly and securely increase organizational agility, drive business and IT initiatives, and improve end user experience and performance.

    Why Choose GreenPages?

    GreenPages is one of the top systems integration and cloud services companies in the United States, helping clients fully virtualize their environments and transform their datacenter and IT operations to strategically leverage the power of cloud computing. GreenPages has unparalleled engineering expertise across all forms of virtualization: client, application, server, storage, network, and data center.

    Data Center Virtualization

    GreenPages helps organizations accomplish data center virtualization initiatives to help them drive forward with a software defined data center strategy.

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    Desktop Virtualization

    Desktop Virtualization—or more broadly virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)—is a solution, not a product. GreenPages provides clients with methodical analysis and careful planning to determine the best strategy for their organization.

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