New World ITaaS Model

The need for business agility and innovation has never been greater.

“Born in the cloud” companies such as Uber and Airbnb, unhindered by traditional business systems and behemoth IT infrastructures, have created billions in market value and redefined their industries with IT service delivery models that enable them to deliver value in new and agile ways.

Today, IT is being asked to do the same—to be an innovative service broker for the business. The challenge is that traditional IT organizations are bound by legacy systems and processes that simply don’t work in this new model.

New World ITaaS Model

Traditional IT organizations now have two choices. They can either play good defense or innovate and play offense. But how?

Innovative Disruption

The world is changing rapidly: you can either adapt and tread water or disrupt and innovate.

There’ve been many major transitions in the IT industry over the past 10 years, from “wave 1” compute/server virtualization to the shift to cloud (private, public, and hybrid) to today’s hyper-converged and software defined technologies.

These changes always cause a great deal of confusion (and much inertia) as IT struggles to determine the best way forward.

  • Do I build a software-defined data center, a private cloud, or move workloads into public clouds?
  • Which providers should I choose?
  • What about security?
  • How will I effectively manage it all?

GreenPages’ mission throughout each IT sea change has been to provide clarity and strategy to our clients within a disruptive and rapidly changing industry.

Whether clients adapt to the disruption or become disruptors themselves, GreenPages’ Transformation Services helps clients achieve the agility necessary to innovate their businesses.

Get there faster by arriving now. Define. Shift. Modernize.