Transformation Approaches

Evolutionary Model: For years, GreenPages has successfully helped clients drive positive change within their organizations with an evolutionary approach to IT.

Evolutionary IT Engagement Model

The challenge with this “step function” approach is that it’s sometimes too slow and costly.Getting to an ITaaS delivery model is not just a technical journey, it involves people and processes as well. In the long run, organizations may spend more money and time fighting battles they’ll never truly win as the gravitational pull from people and legacy architectures that don’t support ITaaS (Gartner’s bi-modal operational model) will always constrain, no matter how many modern technologies a company deploys.

We believe there is a better path forward.

Revolutionary Model: The very best way to achieve a true IT as a Service delivery model with velocity is to build your IT organization as if you were starting from scratch.

Revolutionary IT Engagement Model

In this way, you can get around all the challenges of the traditional IT model because you have no ballast slowing you down. We help companies by examining their current state environments, determining where to halt investment in legacy environments, and how to stand up a new, nimble, sustainable IT models.

Our Transformation Services give clients the freedom that start-ups have: to define and implement the best organizational and service delivery paradigms from square one.